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The 8 Ways Pokemon Go is Destroying Your Life

The 8 Ways Pokemon Go is Destroying Your Life


  One-act. 30-35 minutes

 8-40+ actors, gender flexible

 The one where the most popular app of the summer may just be your doom. Sure everyone is playing it. But whether it leads you off a cliff, into a volcano, or into the waiting arms of super-criminals, this play explains the perils and pitfalls of Pokemon, including old people, mind control, hallucinations, and people who are just a little bit too into it. Also featuring the terrors of upcoming apps like Poke-Cupid, Sonic the Hedgehog Go and Grand Theft Auto Go, this hilarious and flexible play is the perfect warning for these dark times.

Royalty fee per performance: $50. Script fee for Printable PDF: $150 (print/copy as many times as you need for your production)

Read the full play below - for free!