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Stranded: Views from Quarantine (a monologue play) - Stage Partners

Stranded: Views from Quarantine (a monologue play)

Thank you for your interest in Stranded! This play is no longer available for performance, but check out the plays of our amazing playwrights listed below.

Stranded was originally created in response to the rapidly changing school theater environment,  on the fly by our amazing playwrights.

Here are some guidelines we gave our playwrights. Bonus: Feel to use this or adapt it as a playwriting exercise. And, if you want, include them as part of the play.

—All monologues are delivered from passengers of a quarantined cruise ship.

—In the spirit of a bake-off, we’ve offered the ingredients below. We challenge you to include one of these (or more) in your monologue.

  1. A missing watch
  2. A nurse with an empty stomach
  3. An expired prescription
  4. A marriage proposal
  5. A reformed thief
  6. An exit strategy
  7. An unusual smell
  8. A plea for forgiveness

—Monologue should be 2-3 minutes in length. As you’ll see some playwrights took liberties with length, perspective, character, and form—which is part of the fun!

How do you use / perform a virtual monologue play ?

We’ve put together some ideas in our latest blog:

Distance Learning: Ideas and Techniques for Performing Online

 Monologues by (in order of appearance):

Adam Szymkowicz
Carrie McCrossen
Will Quam
Sonya Sobieski
Jon Jory
Diana Burbano
Chris Barlow
Jacqueline Goldfinger
Jane Best
Jason Pizzarello
Emily McClain
Emily Hageman
Ian McWethy
Patty McMullen
Peter Royston
Maria McConville
Claudia Haas
Alan Haehnel
Stephanie Buckley
Barry Weber
Morgan Gould


Ask a Question
  • Can I use your artwork for "Stranded" on a website to promote the play?

    Sure! Please let us know how it goes at We look forward to hearing from you.

  • Hello! This is an amazing project and our new, non-profit organization is anxious to participate. Question: We hold classes for college students, also. Are they allowed to be a part of this? We are in New York and they are all home and fairly miserable. We would to have them join us. Thank you for creating this! Phyllis Kaye Pride Performing Arts, Inc. Smithtown, NY

    Hello! Thanks for your interest. We would be honored if you shared the collection with your students. We love that you're making theatre happen!