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Rogues' Gallery - Stage Partners

Rogues' Gallery

Nine short comedies about art gone awry by Rachel Bublitz, Tyler Dwiggins, Kathryn Funkhouser, Patrick Greene, Elissa C. Huang, Carrie McCrossen, Ian McWethy, Jason Pizzarello, & Maria Pretzl


  120-130 minutes,* each play is 10 minutes

 6-35+ actors, flexible casting

Nine playwrights take on the absurdity of the art world in Rogues’ Gallery, a collection of ten-minute plays framed in a rapid-fire comedy. When two hapless security guards find the gallery’s prize sculpture has been destroyed on their watch, it’s a race through the day’s security camera footage to find out what happened - and come up with a really good excuse before the artist comes back with the toughest critic in town. Each play features a different group that comes through the gallery, from employees to tourists to art thieves, and optional transition scenes can be used to thread any combination of plays together into one story. A series of hilarious mistakes just might add up to a masterpiece in Rogues’ Gallery. This collection includes the following short plays: 

Midnight Bandits by Rachel Bublitz
Fancy People Like Fondue by Maria Pretzl

Pranksy by Elissa C. Huang
The Sketch Pod by Tyler Dwiggins
Mayonnaise Mayonnaise by Patrick Greene
The Participant by Jason Pizzarello
The Art Dealer is Impressed by Carrie McCrossen
The Collector by Kathryn Funkhouser
Two Ships Passing by Ian McWethy


(*These plays can be licensed together or separately. If you license the whole collection, you have permission to pick and choose which plays to perform.) 

Royalty fee per performance of entire collection: $100Script fee for Printable PDF: $200 (unlimited for cast and crew)

Archival Video License: $100. This license/fee is for archival purposes and distribution for the cast and crew only. 

Live-streaming rights are also available. Contact us at with the details of your request.

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