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Mythically Mythical Myths Jon Jory - Stage Partners

Mythically Mythical Myths

A romp through Greek and Roman mythology


  One-act. 35-45 minutes

 15-40 actors

  Ah, Greek and Roman myths. The foundation of theatrical tradition! Watch as this zany, action-packed comedy (complete with Netflix references) brings you the abridged (but relatable) history of Greco-Roman mythology from Orpheus and Eurydice to Zeus to Sophocles to Aphrodite to everysinglemythyoucanthinkofandmore! It's sure to seem like, well, Greek, at first. But by the end, you'll be an expert...or at least you'll be able to pretend to be one at parties.

Royalty fee per performance: $45. Script fee for Printable PDF: $150 (print/copy as many times as you need for your production)

Read the full play below - for free!

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