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I Am Frankenstein - Stage Partners

I Am Frankenstein

adapted from the novel by Mary Shelley


  Full-length. 90 minutes

 10-25 actors, female leads, flexible chorus

I Am Frankenstein unearths two creatures who were tortured and abandoned by their makers: Victor’s famous monster, and the teenage writer Mary Shelley herself. A highly theatrical retelling of Shelley's classic, the play adds two principal characters: a haunting chorus known as The Blackbirds, and the troubled Mary Shelley, the story’s creative force. Victor, a promising student obsessed with alchemy, reanimates human life in the basement laboratory of a vacationing professor, only to abandon his creature and allow it to slowly exact revenge...

Royalty fee per performance: $80. Script fee for Printable PDF: $150 (print/copy as many times as you need for your production)Virtual Performance and Live-streaming rights are available. Contact us at with the details of your request.

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