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How to Win at Life - Stage Partners

How to Win at Life


  One-act. 30-35 minutes

 8-25+ actors, gender flexible

Sure technology has made some things easier, but has it really made everything easier? Now, with a new mobile home system of drones from Amazon-Google-Microsoft-Apple, technology can truly help you win at life. Do you need your food chewed and regurgitated into your mouth like a baby bird? Done. How about all that pesky parenting that takes so much of your time? Solved. Think about all the wasted time you spend walking, petting, or loving your dog? Let the technology of Amazon-Google-Microsoft-Apple live your life for you!

Royalty fee per performance: $60. Script fee for Printable PDF: $150 (print/copy as many times as you need for your production)Virtual Performance and Live-streaming rights are available. Contact us at with the details of your request.

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Ask a Question
  • is there a pdf available for this play.

    Hello! Yes, all of our scripts are available as Printable PDFs. Please email us and let us know how you'd like to use the script - performance /classroom / perusal - and we'll be happy to work with you.