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What We Do

Stage Partners was founded in 2015 by Jason Pizzarello and Morgan Gould, two internationally-produced playwrights who wanted to serve young artists and audiences around the globe.

We felt that finding high quality material for school, community theater or performance groups shouldn’t have to be so complicated. Why should it be so difficult to search, select, and order plays to perform? And why should teachers, artistic directors and group leaders spend time and money ordering and reading plays that they ultimately don’t choose to produce? How can one decide to produce a play he or she hasn’t read? How can anyone be sure that the play fits his or her community guidelines, artistic standards and producing capabilities? Stage Partners removes that guesswork. HOW?

Combined, the experienced playwrights in our collection have thousands of productions at middle schools, high schools, charter schools, private schools, religious academies, community theaters, church groups and more around the globe. We know what you’re looking for: top quality, easy to produce, challenging, exciting, entertaining, age appropriate material for your group. And we’ve made sure you can find it easily and read the whole thing on our website before you pay a cent.

1. Read the play. THE WHOLE PLAY. FOR FREE. On our site.
2. Once you decide on one you'd like to produce, order a printable PDF for a ONE TIME fee. We will email it and you can print it as many times as you like. No more book orders, delayed delivery, or shipping fees.
3. Pay for your performances by credit card or purchase order online immediately.
4. Want even more? Browse our teacher resources for ideas about theater games, warmups, production and rehearsal tips and more. FOR FREE.

To us, that’s partnership. We see your needs and we’re answering them, one great, producible play at a time.

~Jason & Morgan