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Live-streaming and virtual performance information



Looking to purchase virtual performance rights? Streaming rights? Archival video rights? Not a problem. Contact us and we will help you create your package.

We have approved live-streaming rights for almost of our plays, even A Wrinkle in Time! (for amateur productions), so let us know if you'd like to explore this option.
We know navigating the world of streaming can be confusing and limited options can be a real hinderance. That's why we are remaining as flexible as possible. We do not have an exclusive relationship with any hosting partner.
You are permitted to pre-record your performance for streaming purposes. In most cases, for every time/day the recording is available online it will be equal to one standard performance royalty. Looking to have it available for a week or longer, we will need to know more details but will most likely be able to create an affordable license for you.
We have worked with many hosting platforms, but we have preferred partners as well. Please find a few below.
If you need to change the dates of your production, postpone until an unknown date, or just not sure what you want to do...No worries. We will work with you to find the best solution.


We are also working on virtual adaptations of our plays as well as new plays specifically written to be performed virtually. Stay tuned and make sure you sign up for our emails to be in the know!


Preferred Partners:

BookTix Live

The BookTix Live team is ready to help you navigate streaming your live or prerecorded shows with the same innovation and outstanding customer service as our ticketing platform. BookTix has built a safe, secure, budget friendly, easy-to-use streaming system specifically for live theater. We will help you acquire and configure the technology to upload your content to our secure streaming servers. The video will then be disseminated to ticket holders via a secure, one-time use link that can only be accessed by one device to reduce piracy. The entire system is integrated with our ticket platform and can even be used for live-streaming with a limited live audience.



Broadway on Demand's ShowShare™ is the leading platform for theatres of all sizes to stream live & on demand productions, with over 100 streamed productions per week.