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Info about Production Change Requests

We will get through this together.

News of cancelled productions and uprooted programs is heartbreaking for all of us. We've been challenged to change the way we live and create, and with little notice. If you need to change the dates of your production, postpone until an unknown date, or live-stream your performance, just let us know.
We will work with you to find the best solution.

Need to Postpone? Not a problem. Just let us know before your performance dates so we can adjust your order accordingly. Want to postpone but don't know the new dates? Not a problem. Just give us a heads and we will put your performances dates on hold until you know more info. All of your royalties paid will apply to your new dates. No fees.
Need to Cancel? Not a problem. We hate to see this happen of course but understand these are extraordinary times. All performance royalties are fully refundable before the performance dates. No cancellation fees.
Need to Live-stream? Not a problem. We have approved live-streaming rights for our plays, even A Wrinkle in Time! (for amateur productions), so let us know if you'd like to explore this option. 

Need to do drama from a distance?

We've put together some ideas to get you started.

Distance Learning: Ideas and Resources for Your Drama Classroom

Distance Learning: Ideas and Resources for Your Drama Classroom

All of our theatre resources can be downloaded and used for free. Every play can be read in its entirety online for free.


Stay tuned for some very exciting ideas to continue to create and perform theater remotely. The show will go on!