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Ian McWethy

Ian McWethy's (Win or LoseThe Day the Internet Died (full-length version)Two Ships Passing (Part of Rogues' Gallery collection); I, ChorusAll the Ways the World Will End, But Not YouThe Day the Internet DiedEvery U.S. Election Ever!Ever U.S. Election Ever! (one-act version)Last Day of School15 Minutes of YouTube Fame, Every Novel You Read in High School (in 25 Minutes or Less)When Bad Things Happen to Good Actors) plays have been performed in all fifty states and in fifty different countries internationally. Last fall, Penguin/Random House published his debut novel Margot Mertz Takes It Down, co-written by his wife Carrie McCrossen. The book's sequel, Margot Mertz For The Win, will be published in fall of 2022. Mr. McWethy is represented by Alex Platis of Untitled Entertainment.


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