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Ten-Minute Plays

Stage Partners is home to exciting new 10-minute plays. Whether you are a student-director, or producer putting on an evening of short plays, this collection features some of the most exciting playwrights working in theatre today.

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  • Eating Crayons by Ryan M. Bultrowicz, a ten-minute play, part of the short play collection Ten(ish): Comedies - Stage Partners

    Eating Crayons

    Written By: Ryan M. Bultrowicz
    Length: 10 minutes
    Cast Size: 3 actors (2F, 1M)
    Genre: Comedy
    Growing up, we shared their classrooms. We may have even judged them. Now it's their turn to speak. Eating Crayons is a delightful ode to the beautiful misfits who dared to taste the many colors of  every kid's world. This play is part of the short play collection Ten(ish): Comedies.
  • Ten(ish): Horror - Transfer by Elinor T Vanderburg. 10-minute horror play


    Written By: Elinor T Vanderburg
    Length: 10 - 20 minutes
    Cast Size: 5 actors (suggested casting: 4F, 1M)
    Genre: Drama
    Bow returns to her senior year of high school after a personal tragedy that no one wants to discuss head-on. But coming back isn't easy – especially not with the presence of a transfer student who is all smiles, light, and brilliance – and taking over every relationship Bow holds dear. A little Black Swan, a little more Hitchcock, Transfer is a sparse, noir-inspired drama t...
  • The Boot - Stage Partners

    The Boot

    Written By: Emily Hageman
    Length: 10-15 minutes
    Cast Size: 2 actors (2F)
    Genre: Drama
    Kelsey hurt her foot really bad while playing volleyball and now she has to wear a boot. It shouldn't be that big of a deal, but it kind of is. This play is part of the short play collection It's Her Say and can be licensed separately or as part of the collection
48 Items