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Minimal Set Requirements

Great theatre does not require elaborate sets. 

This collection of exciting plays for schools and theatres features plays that can be produced with little to no set.

Browse our selection below and read every play script for free!

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  • Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Your Teachers (but were afraid to ask) - Stage Partners

    Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Your Teachers (but were afraid to ask)

    Written By: Jason Pizzarello
    Length: 30-45 minutes
    Cast Size: 12-50 actors (suggested casting: 20 any)
    Genre: Comedy
    Finally your timeless questions about teachers will be answered through a series of hilarious revelations -- from a gameshow revealing your teacher's teenage years to a battle of core subject teachers vs. electives... By the end you'll know why teachers drink so much coffee and what to do if an unexpected encounter occurs in public.
  • My Fellow Students - Stage Partners

    My Fellow Students

    Written By: Beanie Stone
    Length: 30-45 minutes
    Cast Size: 5-30 actors (suggested casting: 3F, 2M, 10 any)
    Genre: Comedy
    Hoping to win reelection against charming, clueless challenger Michael P., Class President Janie opens her office to any student with a pressing concern. Unfortunately, she is totally unprepared for the onslaught of impossible, absurd, and hilarious problems her fellow students hurl her way. Janie started this election determined to keep her job; now she's just trying to get through this day witho...
  • Win or Lose - Stage Partners

    Win or Lose

    Written By: Ian McWethy
    Length: 25-30 minutes
    Cast Size: 10-20 actors (suggested casting: 15 any)
    Genre: Comedy
    Competition is all that matters, and these kids today have got to learn being pitted against each other in an absurdly grueling four-part race. Winner gets a scholarship. Come in last? You're banned from prom. The parents love it! But when different groups at the beginning, middle, and end of the pack compare notes, commiserate and meet a local cautionary tale, they decide to play a diff...
  • Mascots, a one-act comedy play script by Ian McWethy and Carrie McCrossen


    Written By: Ian McWethy and Carrie McCrossen
    Length: 30-35 minutes
    Cast Size: 6-18 actors (suggested casting: 16 any)
    Genre: Comedy
    Drysdale High School has a problem. For the first time in their fifty-year history, they need to replace their beloved (but also deeply problematic) school mascot, Cujo. So Principal Gurgins turns to the student body to submit and select a new mascot, one that can represent (and fire up!) Drysdale for the next fifty years. During the play, we’ll see new mascots ranging from an ordinary house cat...
  • Elephant/Man - Del Martin - Stage Partners


    Adapted by Del Martin
    Length: 100 minutes
    Cast Size: 8-30+ actors (suggested casting: 2F, 2M, 8 any)
    Genre: Drama
    The story of Joseph Merrick (a.k.a. The Elephant Man) comes to life in this highly theatrical retelling featuring an ensemble of performers that share the role of Merrick. Whether on a bare stage or with an elaborate set, this adaptable play shines the spotlight on the vivid inner life of Joseph Merrick, and his relationship with the good Dr. Treves. This classic story of the ultimate outcast feel...
  • Reel Times at Somerset High one-act comedy by TJ Young

    Reel Times at Somerset High

    Length: 35-45 minutes
    Cast Size: 8-20+ (suggested cast: 15 any)
    Genre: Comedy
    As President of the Film & TV Club, Parker prides themself on their knowledge of film and TV. They see the entire world as one big production: Math Class is a horror movie, the lunchroom is a cooking show, and Phys Ed is a war documentary. When a new student, Dallas, transfers to Somerset High, Parker discovers a new genre - romance. Soon a whole team of students with surprising talents are wo...
  • Don't Wake the Dragon

    Don't Wake the Dragon

    Length: 30-40 minutes
    Cast Size: 12-35 actors
    Genre: Comedy
    When a fierce and deadly dragon flies over the school, everyone’s alarmed…until the internet weighs in. It’s not long before students and faculty alike are inspired to ignore the fire in the parking lot and join the movement. Soon, the only person not roaring, wearing a tail, and accepting a dragon-based curriculum is shy, awkward Stanley Berenger. But will anyone else join him in fighting b...
  • Two of the Fairest Stars, Quadruple Casted - Stage Partners

    Two of the Fairest Stars, Quadruple Casted

    Written By: Maria McConville
    Length: 30-35 minutes
    Cast Size: 11 actors (suggested casting: 6F, 5M)
    Genre: Comedy
    When the theatre teacher has to fend off the wrestling team from taking the auditorium right before tech week of the Spring production of Romeo and Juliet, rehearsal is left to budding student assistant director, Wade. Can Sophomore Wade rally the quadrupled cast of Romeo's and Juliet's to block the famous balcony scene? He has been staying in on Saturday nights to watch recordings from the RSC fo...
  • Hot Lunch a one-act comedy play script by Tracy Wells

    Hot Lunch

    Length: 30-50 minutes (flexible)
    Cast Size: 7-26+
    Genre: Comedy
    The school cafeteria….a mid day gathering place for fun, friendship, and…mystery meat? In this hilarious collection of scenes, we’ll take you back to the lunchroom, where the only things goofier than the glop served in the lunch line are the students themselves - from a counterfeit cookie salesman in “Sugar-Coated,” to a hungry horse-masked thespian in “Eat Like A Horse,” to an egg b...
  • The Quiz That Almost Killed Me - Stage Partners

    The Quiz That Almost Killed Me

    Written By: M.G. Davidson
    Length: 25-30 minutes
    Cast Size: 11-30 actors (suggested casting: 2F, 4M, 10 any)
    Genre: Comedy
    A student journeys through space, time and a hilariously idiotic Dickensian theatrical landscape to discover the importance of studying for a quiz. Entertaining for students from the past, present, and future. School was never so terrifying.  (​If you like This is A Test by Stephen Gregg, consider The Quiz That Almost Killed Me.)
Items 1 - 10 of 45