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Abandoned Way Out West - Stage Partners

Abandoned Way Out West

with Music by Tom Shelton


  Full-length. 60-70 minutes

 15-35+ actors, gender flexible casting

Aquilina is a clever, courageous, and imaginative girl who leads a group of orphans in a recently abandoned wild west town. The town should belong to a kindly if wooly headed widow who can’t find the deed. When three mysterious strangers appear to rescue the orphans and start a pie making business it looks like the orphans luck has finally changed. But while the other kids take these kind strangers to heart, Aquilina remains mistrustful and starts to poke her nose into the truth. She discovers that two of the strangers belong to a vicious gang, and are about to sell all the orphans into servitude and take the town for themselves. They’ve also kidnapped a young girl and threaten do harm to the widow. Aquilina, with the help of the young kidnapped girl, tricks the strangers into revealing them- selves, and uses her wits and a lemon cream pie to outsmart the gang and save the town. 

Royalty fee per performance: $80

Script fee for Printable PDF: $175 (for cast and crew)

Archival Video License: $125. This license/fee is for archival purposes and distribution for the cast and crew only. 

Live-streaming virtual performance rights are also available. Contact us at with the details of your request.

Music tracks are available. Please contact us at

Read the full play below - for free!

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