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Plays for UIL

Looking for a play for UIL Texas Theatre? Find the right UIL script for your cast right here! These selected titles meet UIL requirements, but there are plenty more. You can read the entire play for free and download digital scripts immediately.

Submit your requests for cutting/language approval by contacting us at Let us know if you need a Script PDF for approval purposes - we'd be happy to send it to you free of charge.

When prepping your script for UIL approval, make sure:

-You have made appropriate language cuts.

-The play meets the time limit.

-Profane language is removed or changed.

-The play has literary merit.

-The script should be a play, not readers theatre. UIL plays are preferred to have characters interact. If there are narrator characters, they should not be main characters. Be sure the play moves with dialogue and not too many monologues.

-Keep up to date with the latest submission dates and OAP updates here


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