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Plays for Community Theaters

We love community theatre! From classic literary adaptations to historical dramas to edgy new works, you’ll find what you’re looking for at Stage Partners.

We've partnered with incredible veteran and upcoming playwrights to create plays specifically for community theaters. Read every play for free and find the perfect fit to schedule your season of new plays.

Browse our selection below and read every play script for free!


 Comedy   Short Play. 10 minutes  4 actors  A gallery intern matches wits with a mischievous anti-artist. This play is part of the short play collection Rogues' Gallery and can be licensed separately...

From $ 35.00

The Sketch Pod

 Comedy   Short Play. 10 minutes  5 actors  A couple on a disastrous art gallery date are unwillingly drawn into their worst nightmare: a live podcast. This play is part of...

From $ 35.00

Two Ships Passing

 Comedy   Short Play. 10 minutes  6 actors, flexible  Meeting up is tough when your phone is dead, and even tougher when the lines of reality may or may not...

From $ 35.00

The Art Dealer is Impressed

 Comedy   Short Play. 10 minutes  3 actors, any gender  When a condescending art dealer mistakenly views the wrong piece and is—for once— impressed, they prove one person's trash is another...

From $ 35.00

The Collector

 Comedy   Short Play. 10 minutes  3 actors, any gender  When a young artist’s meeting with a rich collector is interrupted by a delivery, they might end up making a different...

From $ 35.00

Mayonnaise Mayonnaise

 Comedy   Short Play. 10 minutes  3 actors  A father attempting to connect with his kids mistakes the art gallery for a touristy immersive experience. This play is part of the short...

From $ 35.00

The Participant

 Comedy   Short Play. 10 minutes  4-5 actors, any gender  A young man asks an elderly stranger in the gallery for help, but there’s more to both than meets the eye. This...

From $ 35.00

Midnight Bandits

 Comedy   Short Play. 10 minutes  3 actors, any gender  When a trio of art thieves arrive for a heist, their plan is sure to go off without a hitch…unless, of...

From $ 35.00


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