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Plays for Community Theaters

We love community theater! From classic literary adaptations to historical dramas to edgy new works, you’ll find what you’re looking for at Stage Partners.

We've partnered with incredible veteran and upcoming playwrights to create plays specifically for community theaters. Read every play for free and find the perfect fit to schedule your season of new plays.

Browse our selection below and read every play script for free!

Beware the House on Haunted Hill!

based on the 1959 film House on Haunted Hill, written by Robb White, directed by William Castle, starring Vincent Price  Comedy horror   Full-length. 85-90 minutes  9 actors Come to the party…stay...

From $ 80.00

Lawbreakers! (a fast and furious history of women’s suffrage)

 Drama   Full-length. 60 minutes  6-19 actors  A historical whirlwind about two stepsisters who have a terrible fight, bonk heads, and awake to find themselves at the Akron Women’s Rights Convention of...

From $ 80.00

Persephone (a new myth for a hotter world)

 Drama   Full-length. 90 minutes  6-20 actors, gender flexible  The goddess Demeter refuses to be satisfied with winters without her daughter. Why should Persephone spend half her time in the...

From $ 80.00

Trials: The Story of Joan of Arc (and Beth)

 Drama   Full-length. 75-90 minutes  7-20 actors  Before the myth, there was a girl. Two dramatizations on stage at the same time: the trials and tribulations of the historic young woman,...

From $ 75.00

The Christmas Play

Inspired by the true story of a very special teacher  Drama   Full-length. 60-70 minutes  10-20 actors  At the turn of the century, a remarkable teacher works each holiday season to...

From $ 80.00

Old-Fashioned Cold Fusion

Short Plays About Love  Dramedy   Full-length. 80-90 minutes  2-14 actors   Nine short plays about the pleasures (and sometimes hazards) of falling in love. From a sheriff and a criminal...

From $ 80.00

The Littlefield Gazette Does Not End Today

 Dramedy   Full-length. 80-90 minutes  10-18 actors  The Littlefield Gazette is dying. A fixture in this small town for 126 years, it will soon suffer the fate of so many other small-town papers....

From $ 85.00

The Inseparables

Inspired by The Three Musketeers by Alexandre Dumas  Comedy   Full-length. 90-100 minutes  9 actors The North American Unified Theatre Collaborators of the West really want to put on a show. Like, really...

From $ 80.00

Fancy People Like Fondue

 Comedy   Short Play. 10 minutes  2 actors  When a custodian decides to make a grand romantic gesture, the results are unexpected. This play is part of the short play collection Rogues'...

From $ 35.00


 Comedy   Short Play. 10 minutes  4 actors  A gallery intern matches wits with a mischievous anti-artist. This play is part of the short play collection Rogues' Gallery and can be licensed separately...

From $ 35.00

The Sketch Pod

 Comedy   Short Play. 10 minutes  5 actors  A couple on a disastrous art gallery date are unwillingly drawn into their worst nightmare: a live podcast. This play is part of...

From $ 35.00

Two Ships Passing

 Comedy   Short Play. 10 minutes  6 actors, flexible  Meeting up is tough when your phone is dead, and even tougher when the lines of reality may or may not...

From $ 35.00


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