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This is the go-to spot for the newest of the new play releases. Wether you're a school looking for a new one-act play for your student actors, a professional theater aiming to inspire young audiences, or a theater in search of a full-length drama for your new play community, you've come to right place. These plays are fresh from the digital printer, guaranteed.

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Knock Knock

 Comedy   One-act. 30-45 minutes  4-23 actors, gender flexible   When you deliver packages, anyone might be behind your next door, from your elementary school teacher to a burglar on the...

From $ 60.00

Wild Strawberries

Commedia dell'arte   One-act. 35-40 minutes  10-20+ actors   “My brother has been shot dead!” And so begins our tale of lies, love, and lunch. It’s a bright morning on the di...

From $ 60.00

We Can't Talk About This

 Drama   One-act. 30-35 minutes  8 actors (6f, 2m)  Life at home has become tense for 17-year-old Jody. She’s sporting a black eye, her sister Laurie is hiding bruises on her...

From $ 55.00

A Wind in the Door (Goldfinger)

adapted from the novel by Madeleine L'Engle  Drama   Full-length. 60-70 minutes.  5-11 actors possible  One of literature’s favorite heroines, Meg Murry, the fierce and fiery heroine of Madeleine L’Engle’s classic novel A...

From $ 100.00

The Book Women

based on incredible, true events  Drama   Full-length. 75-90 minutes  7-30 actors In the midst of the Great Depression, in a community crushed by the collapse of coal, and isolated by...

From $ 85.00

8 Minutes Left

 Drama/Comedy   Full-length. 90-100 minutes  5-22 actors The world is coming to an end at exactly 4:44PM today, and no one has had any time to prepare. 8 Minutes Left...

From $ 85.00

The Witch's Princess

 Comedy adventure   Full-length. 75-85 minutes  12-40+ actors, flexible casting  The queen is dead. The kingdom is cursed. And the only way to lift the curse is to slay the...

From $ 85.00


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