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This is the go-to spot for the newest of the new play releases. Wether you're a school looking for a new one-act play for your student actors, a professional theater aiming to inspire young audiences, or a theater in search of a full-length drama for your new play community, you've come to right place. These plays have are fresh from the digital printer, guaranteed.

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Persephone (a new myth for a hotter world)

 Drama   Full-length. 90 minutes  6-20 actors, gender flexible  The goddess Demeter refuses to be satisfied with winters without her daughter. Why should Persephone spend half her time in the...

From $ 80.00

Beware the House on Haunted Hill!

based on the 1959 film House on Haunted Hill, written by Robb White, directed by William Castle, starring Vincent Price  Comedy horror   Full-length. 85-90 minutes  9 actors Come to the party…stay...

From $ 80.00

The Heart and Soul of Thomas Elegie

 Drama  One-act. 35-45 minutes  7 actors Thomas is a very precise pianist who's being pushed by his mom to win competitions for scholarships, he's losing his love of music in...

From $ 50.00

What Happens in Neverland Stays in Neverland

 Comedy  30-35 minutes  6-17 actors, gender-flexible   You thought you knew Neverland... Take an inside look at what is really going on with your favorite characters. Tinkerbell explains her unrequited love...

From $ 50.00


The Morley Buck School of Serious Acting for Extraordinary Actors  Comedy   One-act. 30-35 minutes  7-25 (female lead, flexible casting)  Acting. Is. Life. If you are going to be a student...

From $ 50.00

Zombie Boyfriend

 Comedy   One-act. 30-35 minutes  6-22 actors, gender flexible Melissa's best friend has a crush on the new guy, but Melissa's not so sure about Arghn. Maybe it's the grunting, or the...

From $ 50.00

Dracula (one-act)

Adapted from the novel by Bram Stoker  Drama   One-act. 30-35 minutes  10 actors (additional female roles)   A swift one-act adaptation of Bram Stoker's classic horror novel that is easily...

From $ 50.00

Win or Lose

 Comedy   One-act. 25-30 minutes  10-20 actors, gender flexible  It’s time for Middleburg High School’s annual Great Race, and you know what that means! That’s right: time for a coach pathologically...

From $ 50.00

Old-Fashioned Cold Fusion

Short Plays About Love  Dramedy   Full-length. 80-90 minutes  2-14 actors   Nine short plays about the pleasures (and sometimes hazards) of falling in love. From a sheriff and a criminal...

From $ 80.00

Trials: The Story of Joan of Arc (and Beth)

 Drama   Full-length. 75-90 minutes  7-20 actors  Before the myth, there was a girl. Two dramatizations on stage at the same time: the trials and tribulations of the historic young woman,...

From $ 75.00

The Christmas Play

Inspired by the true story of a very special teacher  Drama   Full-length. 60-70 minutes  10-20 actors  At the turn of the century, a remarkable teacher works each holiday season to...

From $ 80.00

The Art of Being Vague

 Comedy   One-act. 30-35 minutes  10-30+ actors, flexible  Colby learns from a young age that he can find success by being vague with the people in his life. Colby’s “art" of...

From $ 50.00


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