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Persephone (a new myth for a hotter world) - Stage Partners

Persephone (a new myth for a hotter world)


  Full-length. 90 minutes

 6-20 actors, gender flexible

 The ancient world is in balance, there are festivals for Demeter and her daughter, and a girl is sacrificed. Jane becomes their eternal servant. Persephone leans into a cave, enticed by Hades she decides to stay. Demeter mourns - the people suffer. Zeus decrees six months above, six months below, and balance returns. Demeter, not satisfied with a mere six months, pursues Hades. She enlists Jane’s help to work with humanity to extract whatever can be extracted from the depths of the earth and wring the life from her rival. Oil, gas, fracking - she’s rich! But no longer revered. Their efforts destroy Hades and return Persephone to her mother. The earth will be warm all year round, will be parched and suffer, but Demeter will have her way. Persephone finds her will, finds her strength and makes a final gesture of hope - leaving Jane to face the coming crisis with humanity.

Royalty fee per performance: $80. Script fee for Printable PDF: $175 (print/copy as many times as you need for your production). Virtual Performance and Live-streaming rights are available. Contact us at with the details of your request.

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