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Emily Hageman

Emily Hageman (Tara, Shaped by the FiguresDress Rehearsal DisasterThe Blue HourThe Inexplicable Chaos Factor of Mia GregoryNorthview High School Will Shelter You (If We Must)Refresh: Short Plays for Long DistanceThe BootIt's Her Sa;, The Pandemic That Didn't Define Them (a monologue play)Brian the CometThe Cages We BuildBack Coveris a music and theater educator currently residing in Sioux City, Iowa. Her plays have seen production with Samuel French Off Off Broadway Short Play Festival, Heartland Theatre Company, A Light in Dark Places, the Red Eye 10s International Play Festival, Eden Prairie Players, Midwest Dramatists Conference, the Growing Stage Theatre, Theatre Evolve, Spokane Stage Left, Iowa State University, Memoriam Development Nightshade, Chagrin Valley Little Theatre, and Gi60s. In addition to her work with Stage Partners, Emily is published with YouthPLAYS (“” and “The Man Card”). Her plays are constantly workshopped by the magnificent high school and middle school actors at Siouxland Christian School.


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