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A Christmas Carol (one-act version)

adapted from the novel by Charles Dickens  Drama   One-act. 30-35 minutes  10-40 actors  A hit seasonal favorite at the Actors Theatre of Louisville, Jon Jory and Marcia Dixcy Jory's...

From $ 55.00

The Hauntings at Cedar Park

 Drama   One-act. 30-35 minutes  16 actors, gender flexible  Shifting between multiple time periods, we follow two groups of students as they search for a mysterious ghost in blue. They've all heard...

From $ 60.00

Silenced on Barbour Street

 Drama   One-act. 40-50 minutes  10-30 actors, large female cast  On July 6, 1944, a fire roared across the top of the 48-foot high tent during the matinee performance of the...

From $ 60.00

Antigone in Munich (one-act version)

The Sophie Scholl Story  Drama   One-act. 35-40 minutes  8-40 actors, gender flexible  Sophie Scholl was a member of the White Rose Society in Nazi Germany which encouraged passive resistance...

From $ 60.00

The Secret Garden

adapted from the novel by Frances Hodgson Burnett  Drama   One-act. 45-55 minutes  9-40 actors   Orphaned young Mary Lennox finds herself in the charge of a mysterious uncle, in a...

From $ 55.00

Last Day of School (one-act version)

 Comedy/Drama   One-act. 40-45 minutes  4-12 actors, gender flexible  On the final day of classes at Rochester High School, a renegade student takes over the morning announcements and proposes that everyone...

From $ 60.00

The Visitors

 Drama   One-act. 25-30 minutes  14 actors, gender flexible  KB is in a coma. How she got there, no one knows. As she lies unconscious on a hospital bed, family, friends,...

From $ 60.00

My First Lockdown

 Drama (with comedy)   One-act. 30-35 minutes  10-20 actors, gender flexible (There is a version with more roles available. Contact Stage Partners for details.)  Inspired by true events, a group of theater...

From $ 60.00

The Cages We Build

 Drama  One-act. 30-35 minutes  4 female, 4 male  Dean's dad isn't around, his mom is deeply broken, and everyone at school either hates him or fears him. That's just who...

From $ 60.00

The Inexplicable Chaos Factor of Mia Gregory

 Drama   One-act. 30-35 minutes  8-20 actors Liv is one of the most brilliant teenage mathematicians in the country, but she does not understand her best (and only) friend Mia. Like,...

From $ 60.00

Anne of Green Gables (one-act)

adapted from the classic novel by L.M. Montgomery  Drama   One-act. 25-30 minutes  7 actors  Jon Jory brings his theatrical magic to this spirited one-act adaptation of L.M. Montgomery's classic coming-of-age drama. After...

From $ 55.00

Spoon River

adapted from The Spoon River Anthology by Edgar Lee Masters  Drama   Full-length. 75-90 minutes  8-50 actors, gender flexible  Former citizens of a mythical Midwestern town speak from the grave of...

From $ 80.00


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