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  • Reel Times at Somerset High one-act comedy by TJ Young

    Reel Times at Somerset High

    Length: 35-45 minutes
    Cast Size: 8-20+ (suggested cast: 15 any)
    Genre: Comedy
    As President of the Film & TV Club, Parker prides themself on their knowledge of film and TV. They see the entire world as one big production: Math Class is a horror movie, the lunchroom is a cooking show, and Phys Ed is a war documentary. When a new student, Dallas, transfers to Somerset High, Parker discovers a new genre - romance. Soon a whole team of students with surprising talents are wo...
  • The Other Side of Christmas

    The Other Side of Christmas

    Length: 110-120 minutes
    Cast Size: 8-35+ actors (ideal cast: 4M, 4F)
    Genre: Dramedy, Comedy
    It's easy to look at the Christmas season through rose colored glasses, but the scrappy radio show "The Other Side" makes it their mission to bring you a different point of view. Through a series of vignettes, host Thomas May guides his audience through moments that aren't exactly holiday card material: Camping out on line for a Black Friday sale, spending your first Christmas without a loved one,...
  • Myth-Guided


    Length: 90-100 minutes (but can be shortened - see description)
    Cast Size: 18-50+
    Genre: Comedy
    Welcome to the Bernie Flinders Fun-tastic tour of Athens, Greece where the most important rule is to have fun! That’s what a group of wacky tourists signed up for as Bernie shows them around a sculpture garden filled with statues depicting famous Greek myths. But what they didn’t sign up for is a mischievous god by the name of Hermes, who has come all the way from Mount Olympus to play a littl...
  • 10 Ways to Survive the Holidays a holiday comedy by Don Zolidis

    10 Ways to Survive the Holidays

    Length: 85-95 minutes (Note: sections can easily be cut to shorten time)
    Cast Size: 10-40+ (ideal cast: 20 any)
    Genre: Comedy
    Sure, it’s the most wonderful time of the year – but during the holiday season, you have to be ready for anything. You never know when you might be trapped in an increasingly embarrassing family photo shoot; or haunted by ghosts who want to teach you life lessons; or cornered by carolers demanding figgy pudding when they really mean cash. Luckily, the narrators are here to show you how to make...
  • And Neither Have I Wings to Fly - a play by Ann Noble

    And Neither Have I Wings to Fly

    Length: 150 minutes
    Cast Size:
    Genre: Drama
    In 1950s Ireland, family means everything. So when Eveline Donnelly abandons her dream of a university education to care for her widowed father, it seems only right and natural. But as she watches her younger sister prepare to leave home, a visit from her mother's ghost makes Evie begin to ask, "When is it my turn?"
  • Don't Wake the Dragon

    Don't Wake the Dragon

    Length: 30-40 minutes
    Cast Size: 12-35 actors
    Genre: Comedy
    When a fierce and deadly dragon flies over the school, everyone’s alarmed…until the internet weighs in. It’s not long before students and faculty alike are inspired to ignore the fire in the parking lot and join the movement. Soon, the only person not roaring, wearing a tail, and accepting a dragon-based curriculum is shy, awkward Stanley Berenger. But will anyone else join him in fighting b...
  • Silver Belles - A Christmas Comedy by Lauren Grove

    Silver Belles

    Length: 85-95 minutes
    Cast Size: 14-20 actors possible
    Genre: Comedy
    Come celebrate the holidays with the Silver Belles! The ladies who reside at Silver Meadows Retirement Home are preparing for what may be their last Christmas together. Mr. Johnson, the owner of Silver Meadows, has sold the home to local mogul Frank Davenport. Frank sends his son Nick to survey the building and begin the process of converting Silver Meadows into a luxury hotel. Nick soon discovers...
  • Shakespeare, Clearly: The Comedy of Errors (one-act version)

    Shakespeare, Clearly: The Comedy of Errors (one-act version)

    Written By: Jon Jory
    Length: 25-30 minutes
    Cast Size: (suggested casting: 17F, 6M)
    Genre: Comedy
    This play is coming soon. Contact Stage Partners to request a prepublication perusal script.
  • Hot Lunch a one-act comedy play script by Tracy Wells

    Hot Lunch

    Length: 30-50 minutes (flexible)
    Cast Size: 7-26+
    Genre: Comedy
    The school cafeteria….a mid day gathering place for fun, friendship, and…mystery meat? In this hilarious collection of scenes, we’ll take you back to the lunchroom, where the only things goofier than the glop served in the lunch line are the students themselves - from a counterfeit cookie salesman in “Sugar-Coated,” to a hungry horse-masked thespian in “Eat Like A Horse,” to an egg b...
  • SINK! A Titanic Murder Mystery

    SINK! A Titanic Murder Mystery

    Length: 90-120 minutes
    Cast Size: 12-16 actors
    Genre: Comedy
    We begin on the Titanic. An ideal setting for a murder mystery, don't you think? First class. The game afoot: a mystery that must be solved before the ship goes down... And then, something starts to shift... We are actually backstage at a Broadway show based on a Titanic. And one of the actors ends up dead. It's a noir. And then the perception of reality starts to shift again...A traditional locke...
10 Items