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Looking for laugh-out-loud plays? You've come to right place.

We believe in Comedy! Read our hilarious plays FOR FREE. 

Find every type of comedy: farce, spoof, parody, slapstick, dramedy, dark comedy, witty word play, mystery comedies, historical comedy and just plain funny. Full-length and one-acts.

We at Stage Partners pride ourselves on finding quality play scripts for student actors. Not every young actor can tackle the same material, but that doesn't mean plays should be condescending or childish. Student actors are capable of understanding and performing complex plays with sophisticated themes, but that doesn't mean plays have to be inappropriate either. 

We understand finding play scripts for students is never easy. That's why we've partnered with popular playwrights to create plays specifically written for student actors. 

Wether you're a middle school theater, in a high school drama program, or studying in college acting conservatory...from one-act dramas for competition to full-length play adaptations, Stage Partners has just what you need for your school theatre program.

Browse our selection of comedies below and read every playscript for free!


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