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5 Playwriting Principles from Don Zolidis: Writing for the New Digital Landscape

Posted by Don Zolidis on

Playwright Don Zolidis shares what he's learned about writing and adapting plays for Zoom in this new essay series. Find out how to get your students creating amazing digital theater and virtual productions with these tips!

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Digital Teaching Tools: Tuck Everlasting

Posted by Maria McConville on

Whether it’s middle school theater class or the high school play, practicing theater in school helps guide us through all of the ups and downs that life brings us. Here are some ideas for using TUCK EVERLASTING in your classroom to get you started, be it virtual or in-person.

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Distance Learning: Using Plays In the Virtual Classroom

Posted by Rene BeVier Dill on

Middle school theater teacher and working mom Rene BeVier Dill shares her tips for using plays in the virtual classroom in this interview with Stage Partners Education Director Maria McConville.

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Bringing History to Life: Every U.S. Election Ever!

Posted by Ian McWethy on

It's election season once again, so we thought we would catch up with playwright Ian McWethy and talk to him about his hilarious play EVERY U.S. ELECTION EVER!

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New Takes on Classic Tales: Shakespeare, Clearly

Posted by Maria McConville on

Distance Learning gives theater teachers the opportunity to dive into theater history, Shakespeare, and more! Expert director Jon Jory's "plainspoken" adaptations of the Bard's classics maintains the theatricality while making Shakespeare accessible to young actors and audiences.

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