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Director's Corner with Jon Jory: Making Auditions Awesome Instead of Arduous

Posted by Jon Jory on

Master playwright and director Jon Jory shares his tips for student actor auditions in this monthly series from Stage Partners: Your source for new plays for school theater, student theater, and more!

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How Theatre Teachers (You!) Can Effect Change

Posted by Maria McConville on

Take this opportunity as an arts educator to draw your students in and use this ancient theater art to instill empathy, to encourage listening, and to arm these young people with tactics to sort through conflict peacefully. How do we offer guidance when there is no time in a school day? Here are a few ideas for ways to make room for these little changes in your class room.

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Designer's Desk: 5 Tips for Using Projections on Stage

Posted by Mitch Stark, Creative Director of Theatre Avenue on

In theatre, storytelling is king. And one of the most effective storytelling tools is now more affordable and easier to use than ever. When combined with your other design elements (actors, lighting, costumes, sets, props, etc.), projections can expand your ability to tell your story, even if you don’t have state-of-the-art equipment in your booth. How far will your creativity take you when the limits of budget and space are removed? There are certain requirements to make projections work well in your space, but here are answers to the five questions we hear most often.

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WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE: Exploring different interpretations of the same story

Posted by Jason Pizzarello on

Educator Peter Royston explores two play adaptations of The Jungle Book. His middle schoolers produced Jon Jory's adaptation, here's what they learned.

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Selecting Your Play; or What Am I Doing This Year??

Posted by Maria McConville on

The beginning of a school year can be a bit chaotic. Choosing a play for your season shouldn't be. Education Director Maria McConville offers some tips!

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