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Playwright Q&A: Claudia Haas, author of Antigone in Munich

Posted by Jason Pizzarello on

Sophie Scholl was a member of the White Rose Society in Nazi Germany which encouraged passive resistance against the totalitarian government. Antigone in Munich chronicles her coming of age and development from bystander to witness to activist -- inspired by Sophocles' Greek tragedy Antigone which asks “What do you do when the laws of man contradict the laws of God?”

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WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE: Exploring different interpretations of the same story

Posted by Jason Pizzarello on

Educator Peter Royston explores two play adaptations of The Jungle Book. His middle schoolers produced Jon Jory's adaptation, here's what they learned.

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Morning Announcements; or the Time I Tried to Interview My Middle Schooler

Posted by Sonya Sobieski on

Playwright Sonya Sobieski sits down with her eleven-year-old daughter to talk about life, theater, and her new play Morning Announcements.

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"My Last Day of School: A Failed Memory" by Playwright Ian McWethy

Posted by Ian McWethy on

Stage Partners playwright and funny man Ian McWethy dishes on his new play My Last Day of School and shares a memory from his own last day of school.

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On Building Ensembles: A Teaching Artist's Perspective

Posted by Maria McConville on

Stage Partners’ Education Director and playwright Maria McConville discusses the importance of building a strong ensemble and how her play #VIRAL can be used to discuss important, but thorny topics through group work.

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