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News — Arts Education

A Brand New Art Form: I Miss Theater, But...

Posted by Emily Hageman on

Theater teacher and playwright Emily Hageman shares her journey through these past months as she grappled with the loss of live theater, the challenges of Distance Learning, and ultimately found hope in a whole new art form.

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Distance Learning: Tips for Directing a Virtual Play

Posted by David Ruttura on

Master the art of directing a virtual production by learning how to think like a film director. From framing to costumes to "live editing" your Zoom feeds, Director David Ruttura has everything you need to know to get started!

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Distance Learning: How To Make a Visual Radio Play

Posted by Daniel E. Dobrovich on

When schools closed to shelter-in-place, "Mr. D" didn't cancel the productions of ANTIGONE IN MUNICH by Claudia Haas and I NEVER SAW ANOTHER BUTTERFLY by Celeste Raspanti. Like so many devoted and creative Theatre Teachers, Dobrovich found a new way to do the Cranbrook School Spring Play. Here is how he did it.

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Watch Your Weight: Fighting For Attention in Distance Learning

Posted by Peter Royston on

Playwright and theater educator Peter Royston has been teaching remotely for the past year and has mastered the art of Distance Learning. Spoiler Alert: It's not easy!

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Distance Learning: The Student Written Play and How to Get Started

Posted by Maria McConville on

Remember when we were out and about with each other and we all said, “I just wish I had more time!”? It’s here. COVID-19 has, in some cases, gifted us with timeIt’s time to write that play! No excuses.

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