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New Play Summer Reading List 2022

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It’s Summer Time! Time to loosen your tight schedule, travel, enjoy the outdoors, AND read plays! Looking for a one-act play for Fall or competition? Need a full-length to engage your audience? We’ve put together some exciting summer reading lists to get you started.

Enjoy the selection? No need to stop with these plays. Read any play in our catalog in its entirety so you can make the best choice for your Drama Summer Camp, Community Theater, Education Program, High School Play Festival, or Middle School Theatre.

Our New Play Summer Reading List 2022

One-Act Plays

Instructions for Hugs
Knock, Knock
Week Daze
Tara, Shaped by the Figures
Two of the Fairest Stars, Quadruple Casted
The Day the Internet Died

Full-Length Plays

The Witch's Princess
Abandoned Way Out West
The Book Women
8 Minutes Left
The Twelve Huntsmen
The Inseparables

Short Play Collections
Holly, Jolly, & Extra Folly
Rogues' Gallery
It's Her Say

Holiday Plays

I Hate Valentine's Day
Head Elf
Alice in Winter Wonderland

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About the Author:

Maria McConville has been a NYC Public School teaching artist since 2005. In the past she has worked with the Theatre Development Fund, LeAP! Onstage, and Periwinkle Theater for Youth, and as a Shakespeare and Playwriting teaching artist with Theatre For A New Audience. Her students have performed and adapted the work of Shakespeare, written their own plays, devised ensemble performance pieces, sang and danced in musical productions, and performed their peers work on a Broadway stage. Maria is also the playwright of #Censored and #Viral (Stage Partners) and other plays.

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