January New Releases to Read for Free

 "In the cold of winter, laughter is what warms me most."

 -  Chekhov * 

Read these new comedies for FOR FREE!

*  Tony Chekhov, dog-walker. No relation to the deceased playwright.

This Murder Was Staged, a mystery play  by Patrick Greene and Jason PizzarelloThis Murder Was Staged, a mystery play  by Patrick Greene and Jason Pizzarello


A Backstage Mystery-Comedy
(100-120 Minutes, Comedy)
A fast-paced, backstabbing, backstage comedy from two of the writers of The Alibis and Rogues' Gallery(8 - 25 Actors)

DragonSoul Offline by Samantha MillerDragonSoul Offline by Samantha Miller


An Adventure Comedy
(50-60 Minutes, Comedy) 
An action-packed play split between an online world of dragons, and an even more dangerous world of middle-schoolers. (5 - 10 Actors)

Pick Your Poison by Laura BarbieriPick Your Poison by Laura Barbieri


A Murder-Mystery Farce
(100-120 Minutes, Comedy)
An interactive play where the audience votes at intermission on which of the eight main characters is guilty, and the winning vote determines which alternative ending is played. (9 Actors)

Citizen Crane by Don ZolidisCitizen Crane by Don Zolidis


A New Zolidis Comedy
(75-85 Minutes, Comedy)
The story of a dreamer, a visionary, a genius, a...student filmmaker making a movie about a superhero called The Crane Man?  (15+ Actors)