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Ryan M. Bultrowicz

Ryan M. Bultrowicz is a Mexican-American playwright currently based out of Los Angeles. He's had countless productions of his works staged across the world. He is the author of Three Woman and an Onion (MadLab, Ohio), The Audience Disturbs Marcel’s Bath Time and He Is Very Upset With You All (Tiny Dynamite, Philadelphia), Monsters are Made in the Minds of Men (Scantic River Productions, New York City) and many more. Bultrowicz's writing explores complex themes such as morality, family tragedy, and the intangible powers of intense love and hatred. He often employs a distorted lens to emphasize certain aspects of his subject matter, resulting in a signature style that incorporates absurdism, existentialism, and purposeful oddness. His plays serve as experimental conversation starters, pushing the boundaries of conventional storytelling and leaving a lasting impression on audiences.